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Does your air conditioner no longer cool as it should? Visit Drivelab for refilling, disinfection and complete air conditioning service.
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Provide fresh and healthy air for yourself and your car

Get rid of bacteria and viruses!
If you smell an unpleasant odor when you turn on the air conditioner or heater, it is high time to disinfect. The odor is caused by bacteria and fungi, which like to multiply in the area of ​​the air conditioning evaporator. The cooling process is then inefficient and you breathe air with bacteria while driving.

Disinfection every year, service every other year
It is recommended to perform a complete air conditioning service every two years. It will suck out the old refrigerant, clean and disinfect the entire system. The system is vacuumed, excess moisture is removed and any leaks are detected. Then the system is replenished with refrigerant, a pressure test is performed and a final check of the cooling performance.

We service air conditioning for all types of vehicles. You leave within an hour and only fresh and clean air will blow from the air conditioning vents.

Drivelab Opletalova

Opletalova 983/45, Praha 1
776 670 055
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Drivelab Střížkov

Bešťákova 553/1, Prague 8
776 670 150
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Drivelab Krč

Vídeňská 744/2, Praha 4
776 670 500
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Drivelab Černý Most

Chlumecká 1636, Prague 9
776 670 025
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Drivelab Říčany

Černokostelecká 268, Říčany near Prague
776 670 715
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Services offer
Listed prices include VAT (21%)

Regular air conditioning service

1 295 CZK

The price of the service includes suction of the old refrigerant, recycling and evacuation of the cooling system, refilling with oil, filling the system with refrigerant and replenishing the missing R134a refrigerant. Price does not include material.

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776 670 055

Air conditioning service incl. Disinfection

1 795 CZK

The price of the service includes routine service + air conditioning disinfection. Price does not include material.

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776 670 055
Other services
Check for leaks
from 995 CZK
AC disinfection
from 695 CZK
Refrigerant R134a
3.9 CZK/g
Refrigerant 1234yf
9.9 CZK/g

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