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3D Wheel alignment only for 995 CZK

Proper adjustment of the axle geometry will ensure tire travel and optimal driving characteristics
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Wheel alignment - perfect safety for your journeys

When to consider wheel alignment?
The wheel alignment is done when you feel that your vehicle is turning to the right or left on its own while driving, even if your tires wear excessively or unevenly. Otherwise, we make the alignment of the wheels, of course, always after replacing the chassis parts.

By adjusting the alignment, the deflection and toe-in of all the wheels are adjusted so that they move vertically on the road and their longitudinal axes form a symmetrical angle with each other.

What does wheel alignment achieve?
Properly adjusted wheel alignment significantly increases driving comfort, ensures greater safety, reduces tire wear and also fuel consumption. We provide the service while you wait on the basis of an online reservation, in acute cases even without an order. We keep the price of alignment low, the quality of work done high.

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special offer! 3d WHEEL alignment and adjustment

1 695 CZK
995 CZK

The best price in Prague. Take advantage of our special offer, only until the end of the month we offer 3D Wheel Alignment for only 995 CZK. Professional measurement and adjustment of wheel alignment in Prague without waiting. We use a top machine from the Bosch brand for measurement.

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