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Are you looking for a place to change tires? At Drivelab, we provide a complete tire service for cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles.
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Changing tires quickly and efficiently

The basis is the right tires
Our team of experienced mechanics will ensure complete overturning or reversing of the wheels of your car by gradually removing all changed wheels. The wheel bolts are loosened with a pneumatic wrench, including the safety one, if you have it on your car. The wheels are mounted on a tire changer, which safely separates the tire from the rim. We carefully clean, treat and also check the tread depth, which we put on the new rim. Subsequently, the wheel is balanced to ensure riding comfort, the bike does not ride unevenly and the car did not "float" on the road. We then install the wheels on the car again and inflate it if necessary.

Visit us anytime
We do everything while you wait. Our tire service has some of the lowest prices in the area, so in the season we recommend the use of online booking. Have the condition of your tires checked during the year.

Drivelab Opletalova

Opletalova 983/45, Praha 1
776 670 055
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Drivelab Střížkov

Bešťákova 553/1, Prague 8
776 670 150
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Drivelab Krč

Vídeňská 744/2, Praha 4
776 670 500
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Drivelab Černý Most

Chlumecká 1636, Prague 9
776 670 025
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Drivelab Říčany

Černokostelecká 268, Říčany near Prague
776 670 715
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Service offers
Listed prices include VAT (21%)

Changing set incl. balance (4 wheels)

from 1 095 CZK

We completely inspect your car. Even if you have racing, offroad or runflat tires. During the replacement, our experts will check the condition of the brake system and shock absorbers free of charge. The price includes weights up to 100 g per set of 4 wheels.

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776 670 055
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Disassembly + assembly of whole wheels incl. balance (4 wheels)

from 895 CZK

If you already have 2 sets of wheels already on the discs, you don't have to pay for tire removal / installation and you can save a lot. However, balancing and, if necessary, inflating the tires must be carried out each time the wheels are changed.

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776 670 055
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Other services
Seasonal storage of tires
1 395 CZK
Tire defect repair
from 345 CZK
Tire disposal
from 45 CZK

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