Car Diagnostics

Did the warning light come on or do you need to reset the service interval? At Drivelab, we provide self-diagnostics of vehicles of all brands.
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We will find out the cause of the defect and cure your car

Most of the problems that your car may have are not visible. But how to detect them?

Visit the Drivelab car service near the center of Prague Žižkov and have a complete diagnostics of your car performed. Trained professionals use special tools to connect the vehicle to a specific self-diagnostic system, which establishes communication with the car's control unit.

Diagnostics help to check the status of individual sensors and modules. Alternatively, check or even change the car's configuration and remove error messages that do not directly affect the car's mobility. Solve your car's problems quickly and cheaply.

Take advantage of low prices for diagnostics and order online today. We provide self-diagnostics for all types of cars, incl. older models.

Drivelab Opletalova

Opletalova 983/45, Praha 1
776 670 055
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Drivelab Střížkov

Bešťákova 553/1, Prague 8
776 670 150
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Drivelab Krč

Vídeňská 744/2, Praha 4
776 670 500
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Drivelab Černý Most

Chlumecká 1636, Prague 9
776 670 025
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Drivelab Říčany

Černokostelecká 268, Říčany near Prague
776 670 715
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complex diagnostics

595 CZK

Allows connection, loading and troubleshooting of the vehicle ECU.

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od 535

An hour of work of a car-electrician

945 CZK
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776 670 055
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