Timing chain/belt replacement

Are you approaching the exchange of timing belt? At Drivelab, we replace timing belts and chains with top quality and at an affordable price.
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Timing belts should change from 60 thousand km to 150 thousand km according to engine type

We provide replacement of timing belts and chains
Regular maintenance of your car will bring you the same benefits. Above all, it is the extended service life of the car, road safety, saving the total cost of any unexpected repairs. We provide regular service at a high level, which will ensure trouble-free operation of your vehicle. Missing the timing belt replacement interval can cause it to break or skip, which in most cases can cause serious engine damage.

After buying a used vehicle, the timing belts need to be changed always
Take advantage of the services and advantageous prices of our car service at any time of the year. It is especially important to replace the timing set after buying a second-hand car. Don't underestimate prevention and book a suitable date online.

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Listed prices include VAT (21%)

timing belt/chain replacement

from 4 995 CZK

The above price does not include the timing belt and other spare parts and applies to the purchase of parts from Drivelab Service.

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sleva 5 %

do you need to specify the price for your car?

The final price always depends on the model, the specific engine and the brand of spare parts used. We will be happy to inform you of the preliminary price of the timing belt change by phone, e-mail or in person at one of our services.
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